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Picture for Localized Corrosion of Mild Steel in Marginally Sour Environments
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AC Corrosion of Pipelines

Product Number: 37656-POD
ISBN: 978-1-57590-400-9
Author: Y. Frank Cheng
Publication Date: 2021

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AC Corrosion of Pipelines covers the essential topics related to AC corrosion of pipelines, a problem affecting the safety and reliability of underground pipelines. In addition to the basic principles of AC interference induced by adjacent AC power lines and other sources, the book details the adverse effects of the interference on collocated pipelines, including corrosion and pitting corrosion, coating degradation, deviating of cathodic protection potentials, and the ineffectiveness of cathodic protection systems. Moreover, effective management measures to this problem are discussed. It also covers the DC interference and DC corrosion of the pipelines, as compared to the AC corrosion phenomenon. The book, the first of its kind, provides a complete and comprehensive understanding to the phenomenon from both the fundamentals and the author's research experiences.


The reader can learn and understand the basics associated with AC corrosion. Moreover, the book provides solutions and industry practice to mitigate, control, and manage AC corrosion of pipelines. The reader can thus learn the appropriate solutions to the problem. Finally, the book also includes DC corrosion of pipelines, in addition to AC corrosion, another essential problem to the buried pipelines with the increasing development of HVDC power lines. All of them contribute to improved knowledge base and recommended solutions for the actual problem threating the integrity and safety of pipelines.


AMPP 2021, 284 pages, 6 x 9, Paperback