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Cathodic Protection Survey Procedures, 3rd Edition

Product Number: 37614-POD

This is a print-on-demand (POD) book that will be produced just for you in 2-5 days after your order. It should arrive at your door in about one to two weeks. However, due to supply chain and logistic challenges currently affecting the industry, it may take longer. Allow three weeks for international orders.

MUST HAVE CLASSIC: This book was written as a helpful instruction for Cathodic Protection Testers, Technicians and Technologists and others who conduct tests on cathodic protection (CP) systems for on-shore structures.

While there are several texts on the theory and application of CP, there are no books that describe these applicable CP field tests in detail. This book presents a step by step procedure on rectifier or thermoelectric generator adjustments, inspection and basic troubleshooting, structure-to-electrolyte potential measurements, current measurements; diagnostic testing; adjustive surveys; commissioning surveys; close interval potential surveys, stray current interference testing, electrical isolation testing, road/railroad cased crossings, AC voltage testing, soil resistivity measurements, and CP tests on well casings, aboveground storage tanks and underground tanks. Included under each of these subjects is a list of the tools and equipment or safety equipment needed, precautions to be followed, the step by step procedure, an analysis of the test results and applicable references.

The contents of the book are directed to those who are new to the CP arena, others who do not regularly complete all of these CP field tests, and as a refresher to experienced CP personnel.

2016 by NACE International, 7" x 9", perfect bound, 342 pages.