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Basic Corrosion eCourse

Picture for Biomedical Special Issue - Corrosion Journal (digital) December 2017
Available for download

Biomedical Special Issue - Corrosion Journal (digital) December 2017

Product Number: 32142-313-SG
ISBN: 1938-159X
Author: Ingrid Milošev / M. Metikoš-Huković / J. Katić / Z. Grubač / I. Škugor Rončević / Victoria Wagener / Sannakaisa Virtanen / Y. Hedberg / M.-E. Karlsson / Z. Wei / M. Žnidaršič / I. Odnevall Wallinder / J. Hedberg / Katarina Nešović / Vesna Kojić / Kyong Yop Rhee / Vesna Mišković-Stanković / Sheila A. Omar / Yolanda Castro / Josefina Ballarre / Wido H. Schreiner / Alicia Durán / Silvia M. Ceré / Sachiko Hiromoto / Kotaro Doi / Jeremy L. Gilbert / Shoufan Cao / Anna Igual Muñoz / Stefano Mischler / Massimiliano Baleani / Paolo Erani / Alice Acciaioli / Aldo Toni / Pat Campbell / Sang-Hyun Park / Steven Zoller / Jamal Yousuf / Scott D. Nelson / Genymphas B. Higgs / Daniel W. MacDonald / Julie Lowell / Alexander Padayatil / William M. Mihalko / Ryan L. Siskey / Clare M. Rimnac / Steven M. Kurtz
Publication Date: 2017
Picture for Magnesium Special Issue - Corrosion Journal (digital) February 2021 - Vol. 77, No. 2
Available for download

Magnesium Special Issue - Corrosion Journal (digital) February 2021

Product Number: 32142-351-SG
ISBN: 1938-159X
Author: Geraint Williams / Joey Kish / T.W. Cain / C.F. Glover / J.S. Laird / N. Birbilis / J.R. Scully / R.L. Liu / E.A. McNally / S. Mahboubi / J.R. McDermid / H.N. McMurray / Michele Curioni / Meng Lyu / Andrea Cioncolini / Fabio Scenini / Christos Kousis / Patrick Keil / Ronald N. Clark / James Humpage / Robert Burrows / Hugh Godfrey / Mustufa Sagir / S.H. Salleh / Z.R. Zeng / M. Musameh / K. Venkatesan / S. Thomas / B. Zaghloul / C. Feiler / D. Mei / B.J.C. Luthringer-Feyerabend / S.V. Lamaka / M.L. Zheludkevich / Michael Höhlinger / Mark Bruns / Lukas Dahlem / Sannakaisa Virtanen / Jun-Lan Wang / Ming-Shi Song / Karla G. Contreras / Ivan Cole / Xiao-Bo Chen / Mohammad Umar Farooq Khan / Taban Larimian / T. Borkar / R.K. Gupta / M. Shahabi-Navid / M. Halvarsson / J.E. Svensson / A. Allanore / L.G. Johansson / M. Esmaily
Publication Date: 2021
Picture for Pipeline Coatings (E-book)
Available for download

Pipeline Coatings (E-book)

Product Number: 37616-E
ISBN: 978-1-57590-335-4
Author: Y. Frank Cheng & Richard Norsworthy
Publication Date: 2017

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This book provides the reader with a history of generic pipeline coating types, technical information about testing, application and use. There is very practical information about selection and evaluation methods for each type of coating system to help those who design pipeline systems. There is also discussion of how coatings work with cathodic protection, cathodic protection shielding by coatings and other related issues with the various coating systems related to CP.

2017 NACE