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Rotational Lining System and Use of High-Performance Thermoplastics

Product Number: MPWT19-15307
Author: Derek Lowth, Murali Adhyatmabhattar, Emma Mitchell
Publication Date: 2019

Protecting carbon steel oil and gas pipelines with thermoplastic liners is a proven and cost-effective solution to prevent internal corrosion and abrasion. However, the industry is still facing considerable challenges when it comes to fittings and accessories such as elbows, tees, process equipment and complicated shapes.
Rotational lining (aka rotolining) is a technology which bonds a single/multi layered uniform, vacuum resistant, seamless polymer layer to the interior of virtually any metallic structure, regardless of shape and complexity. Once cooled, the result is a monolithic corrosion and chemical resistant lining that conforms to complex shapes and virtually free of stresses. This system results in a high quality and fully thermoplastic lined system.
Rotolining has been proven to provide long-term protection against corrosion and abrasion in various applications including saline water pipe systems, hydrocarbon service, mining and highly aggressive chemical service. This lining system can cover a wide range of fluid requirements, temperatures and applications using high-performance thermoplastics such as HDPE, PA-12, PVDF, ETFE and PFA. Rotolining is a cost-effective alternative to conventional solutions such as FBE, corrosion resistant alloy cladding or continuous chemical injection programs.
In this paper, some of the insights of the rotational lining system and usage of different high-performance thermoplastics are shared. This includes some very challenging and internationally proven case studies, which substantially benefited the entire value chain as long-term solutions