On Defending against Calcium Carbonate and Asphaltene Deposits Using Dual-Action Diamond-Like Carbon and Polymer-Like Coatings

In searching for dual-action coatings, capable of combatting the deposition of calcium carbonate scale as well as asphaltene, three diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings, a polymer-like carbon (PLC) coating, and an engineering PPS-PTFE polymer coating were concurrently investigated for their resistance against these chemical deposits. Attempts were made to correlate surface properties, namely water contact angle and friction coefficient, with series of laboratory-made deposits generated over 72-hrs at 31 MPa and 75C by stirred and partially soluble liquids. Among all tested surfaces, deposits were successfully and repeatedly produced, and analyzed for their mass and their average adhesion (pull-off) strength. Several coatings, particularly the PLC coating, was identified for acting well against both calcium carbonate and asphaltene. A proprietary DLC coating also demonstrated beneficial effects against deposits; its high hardness and low friction coefficient also makes it particularly attractive for equipment with dynamic sealing surfaces. Finally, this short exploratory study did not establish a relationship between any type of deposition, contact angle, or friction coefficient, but proposes alternate explanations.
Product Number: 51324-20896-SG
Author: Alireza Zolfaghari; Manuel Marya; Virendra Singh
Publication Date: 2024