Fusion Bonded Joint: A Fatigue Friendly Connector for Cost Efficient Plastic Lined Pipe Installation and Operation

This paper presents the features of the Fusion Bonded Joint sleeve and addresses its design, manufacturing, and the outcomes of the comprehensive physical testing campaign that was performed. The summary of the tests that were carried out begin from the proof of concept phase to the integrated system tests, covering both carbon steel and High-Density PolyEthylene components assembled under conditions representative of its offshore operating conditions.The present paper covers preliminary manufacturing testing phase, electro-fusion welds qualification along with the required equipment and finally full-scale testing demonstrating the sleeve is compatible with standard welding processes. An in-depth analysis of the conditions and results of the fatigue testing campaign specifics, covering both carbon steel and electro-fusion welds dynamic behavior is proposed.

Product Number: MPWT19-14415
Author: François LIROLA
Publication Date: 2019
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