Compostable VCI Film Brings Corrosion Protection "Back to Nature"

Presented here is a certified industrial compostable vapor phase corrosion inhibitor film that meets EN 13432/ASTM D6400 standards for commercial compostability. It passes NACE VIA (Vapor Inhibiting Ability) requirements and provides the same corrosion protection as conventional inhibitor film. But unlike conventional film going to a landfill or, worse, becoming ocean debris, this compostable film will biodegrade in an industrial compost site and go back to soil components without posing an ecotoxicity threat to plant growth. The paper will discuss the material's construction, mechanical properties, and corrosion performance. This film has been adopted successfully by a major European auto maker for shipping parts around the world.
Product Number: 51324-20431-SG
Author: Djurin Antonia; Ming Shen; Dijana Zrinski; Julie Holmquist
Publication Date: 2024