Using SSPC PA-2 Effectively

SSPC-PA 2 is one of the most frequently specified standards for frequency and acceptability of dry film thickness measurements.  

In this eCourse you will learn how to complete the measurements described in the standard. Through visual examples, many filmed at an actual job site, students will learn the frequency of spot measurements on pipe spools, test panels, coated steel beams and pipe sections. Students will also gain valuable practice in determining whether the film thickness in a given area conforms to the various coating thickness restriction levels available within SSPC-PA 2.

Purchase of this course includes a one-year subscription and is non-refundable. Students will have access to all course materials for a period of one year from the date of registration. All course work must be completed during this time period. Extensions or transfers cannot be granted.

Product Number: PA-2 eCourse
Industry: Coatings
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