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High Performance Liquid Epoxy Polymer Concrete: 30 Year Benchmark Solution - Aro Coating Selection Criteria

Liquid Epoxy Polymer Concrete has been for the past decades the preferred solution for HDD applications in North America. This paper follows 30 years after Stephanie Powers' publication and highlights the advantages of the Liquid Epoxy Polymer Concrete technology as an abrasion-resistant coating that has been used in thousands of directional drill applications for oil, gas, and water pipelines. There has been an evolution in the understanding of technology and its application. The paper looks back on successes and lessons learned for this technology. Based on field and laboratory testing, the paper develops a comparative analysis with other alternative technologies such as dual-layer FBE-ARO, 3LPE, and the new composite technologies. The paper concludes by suggesting a correlation between project/operation parameters and product selection as well as several successful case studies of the Liquid Epoxy Polymer Concrete technology.
Product Number: 51324-20613-SG
Author: Mario Moreno; Jesus Corona
Publication Date: 2024