Effects of Corrosion and Wildfires on Galvanized Steel Towers: A Case Study with Wildfire and Corrosion Sensors

With the rising prevalence of climate change, utilities are facing increased risk and consequences from accelerated corrosion and wildfires, particularly in the state of California and British Columbia. These fires have the potential to compromise the integrity of galvanized steel lattice towers, widely used in high voltage transmission lines. Considering this, it is crucial for utilities to assess the potential risks and deploy corrosion control and postfire inspection strategies. This paper investigates the effects of corrosion and wildfires on these structures and presents a case study involving real-time monitoring sensors for early risk identification and evaluation. This paper aims to shed light on the challenges posed by wildfires and corrosion to utility structures and provides actionable insights for future preparedness. With escalating concerns about climate change, utilities must adapt their strategies for a more resilient future.
Product Number: 51324-20844-SG
Author: Mehrooz Zamanzadeh; Anil Kumar Chikkam; George T. Bayer; Clinton Char; Carolyn Tome
Publication Date: 2024