Development of a Master Curve to Characterize the Susceptibility of Fastener Materials to Hydrogen Embrittlement

This paper introduces an innovative approach for mitigating hydrogen embrittlement in materials used in underwater environments, a critical challenge in marine engineering. Our study focuses on developing a comprehensive 'master curve' that encapsulates the complex interplay among key factors: hydrogen concentration, applied potential, and material strength. This curve serves as a predictive tool for evaluating the susceptibility of materials to hydrogen embrittlement, a phenomenon that lacks a one-size-fits-all solution. Through fracture mechanics testing of carbon steel alloys and rigorous analysis, quantitative relationships between these factors are established. This research not only aids in optimizing material selection and designing effective cathodic protection systems but also ensures enhanced safety and integrity in operational contexts. The master curve, rooted in both empirical data and theoretical insights, offers a strategic framework for engineers and industry professionals, guiding decisions that enhance the durability and reliability of subsea equipment.
Product Number: 51324-20813-SG
Author: Ted L Anderson; Behrang Fahmi; Herman E. Amaya
Publication Date: 2024