Corrosion Inhibitor Qualification for Umbilical and Subsea Applications

Umbilical functionality is critical to the proper operation of subsea production systems to eliminate risks and downtime. The importance of preventing subsea operational issues has led to more stringent chemical quality requirements as the applications have gone deeper in depth, further from shores, and more demanding as far as Health, Safety & Environment are concerned.(1) Production chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors to provide protections for subsea systems from flow assurance to integrity management have become more demanding concerning product performance, stability, deliverability, and compatibility with the materials of construction. The present work describes various laboratory testing techniques used for certificating corrosion inhibitors designed for subsea applications via umbilical and deepwater applications.
Product Number: 51324-20724-SG
Author: Larry Chen; Thenuka Ariyaratna; Nihal Obeyesekere; Tharindu Jayaneththi
Publication Date: 2024