Atmospheric Corrosion: GIS Corrosion Mapping and Materials Selection for Electrical Transmission Lines and Solar Farms

The life expectancy of transmission structures depends largely on the material selected and the material’s suitability to the environment to which the structures are exposed. The selection of galvanized and weathering steels for above and below grade applications is a matter of corrosion engineering judgement and corrosivity of the service environments, economics, appearance, and aesthetics. The best way to select the right material for T&D applications is to develop a corrosion map for the service territory that addresses both atmospheric and underground corrosion risks. The map would identify areas of high, medium, and low corrosion risks based on quantified corrosion rates. As part of this effort one can perform field inspections to confirm the accuracy of the corrosion risk assessment map for the material selected.
Product Number: 51324-20792-SG
Author: Mehrooz Zamanzadeh; George T. Bayer; Alyson Char; Anil Kumar Chikkam; Peyman Taheri
Publication Date: 2024