Above Ground Storage Tanks – Case Study of a Linear Anode Based Cathodic Protection System Design and Installation Aspects

External corrosion of tank bottoms is a significant problem for tank owners for both economic and environmental reasons. Corrosion Protection of Above Ground Storage Tanks is typically provided by a impressed current cathodic protection (CP) with or without coatings. Two primary Impressed current CP configurations are used worldwide in tanks. The field-erected mixed metal oxide (MMO) anode grid configuration was an early application of MMO anodes for tank bottoms and has a large global installed base. A newer design to protect tank bottoms is a system of parallel or concentric ring MMO linear anodes with factory connected tail cables.This paper will review the design of “grid” type and “parallel/concentric” linear anode type tank CP designs provide an economic assessment assign a qualitative risk assessment matrix and discuss the implementation impact based on a large grass root tank farm project in Africa. Where the owner/engineers elected to use linear anodes.

Product Number: 51319-12827-SG
Author: Shailesh Javia
Publication Date: 2019
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